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As part of our fitness programs at CrossFit Sav-Up, we offer SwimWOD four times per week at no additional cost to our members.  We meet at the local community pool down the street from Sav-Up, and the SwimWOD workouts are 30 minutes long.

 As part of this program, we assume the member has some limited swimming experience. Due to limited class sizes, please email [email protected] to reserve a spot in advance.

The goal of SwimWOD is to bring a mixture of variance to the pool.  While swimming technique is important (and something we are always seeking to improve through better stroke efficiency), the overarching goal of SwimWOD is to help the member become more comfortable in a water environment, while taking them out of their comfort zone.

The SwimWOD includes both pool work, and functional movements outside of the pool.  For example, a standard workout could be 5 rounds of 100 m swim (pull only), dumbbell thrusters in the pool, and then kettlebell swings outside the pool.  

We also actively work on breath-holds, treading water, and other important skills in the water that could come up in our daily lives.

The lead trainer for SwimWOD is David Poore Turner, Level 1 CrossFit Trainer.

David has experience in both competitive swim teams and open ocean swims. David is a graduate of the Marine Corps’ Scout Swimmer School and Amphibious Reconnaissance Course, and the Army’s Special Forces Combat Diver Qualification Course.

Where: Petaluma Aquatic Center

When: Monday and Wednesday @ 5:00pm & 5:30pm

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