5K Retest


5K Retest

Power= Work/Time

There are two priorities for our workouts: Time, and Task. Time priority is commonly seen as an AMRAP where the time is fixed, and the work is expressed as the score of the individual. Task priority is a set amount of work trying to be finished in as fast as possible. This workout’s set up usually begins with FOR TIME.

A classic workout is to run a 5k. Set the task, and get it done as fast as you can. Typically,  this raises the intensity by default by knowing what needs to be done and having the ability to see the finish line. It is not possible to have the same stimulus through an amrap, but we can learn more about our fitness by testing how far we can run in a set time. So lets flip the priority this time, and have our task be more unknown.

WOD- AMRAP in 18 Min