Athletes of the Month: Consistent Corrells


Athletes of the Month: Consistent Corrells

We ran a report through zenplanner to see how many athletes had attended 200+ classes in the year of 2016. Understandably, this number and the actual attendance of each athlete in the gym may be different. However, eight people popped up. Barbara Pappas, and Keith Michelucci both passed 250 classes. No surprise there ;). Tiffany and Wayne Street also passed 200, and I am excited to see what their dedication will produce in this years open.

Who were the final four? I’ll give you a hint. They all share the last name.

“There’s a couple times I’ve deadlifted the same weight as him.”- Liz

The Correll’s are consistent. They show up like clockwork for the 8:30 class. Actually, more like 8:34 ;). Sometimes, they come in separate cars, or have their two children dressed up in crazy costumes. Aaron’s sweatshirt may have some puke on it, and Liz may not understand my mumbling for the first two tries at saying hello. But they are here, and they are ready to work. Aaron’s attitude is awesome, and I appreciate his willingness to geek out with me on planning workouts. Name a workout and he’ll smile, grab a whiteboard, and put together a plan to execute. Liz’s attitude is equally awesome, although a little different in execution. I truly believe that Liz does not know what the workout is until right before the 3,2,1 go is called. That doesn’t stop her from crushing pull ups, and deadlifting as much as Aaron though. Sorry Aaron, had to write that one down. So what gets them to the gym everyday? They say “It’s mostly for the Kids”.

“It’s mostly for the kids.” -Liz and Aaron

When you first think about it, having two kids and trying to get to the gym could seem like an obstacle. “There’s always something. When we get in the car to go to the gym, one of them poops their pants.” Thanks for that info guys, I’m real excited to join that club. However, even though it seems like the harder choice, they reason it to be the better one. The kids get to come to daycare, and socialize with other kids. Liz and Aaron get to share a common activity, and get the chance to see each other in their busy lives. Then when it’s over the kids get to roam the yard, and reconnect with the parents in the gym.

“Liz rips the covers off, and says ‘get up’.” -Aaron

There is a great book that was recommended to me by a mentor of mine called “The Obstacle is the Way” by Ryan Holliday. I recommend it to everyone. When talking with Liz and Aaron it became apparent that they emulated the principles of that book every day they come into the gym.The obstacles of time and kids would appear to hinder people from getting to the gym to take care of themselves. But the obstacle of time and kids is their reason for getting to the gym and crushing workouts. They’re “happier after working out”, and with daycare in the morning they have to go even on the days when Aaron tries to hide under the blanket and convince the world going later is a better option.

“You have to teach them that it’s a part of your day. It’s a lifestyle.” -Liz

Aaron and Liz have traveled across this country. They’ve been a part of CrossFit communities in three different states, and for some reason chose this place to stick around for a while. I am thankful. Sometimes you can take for granted the simplest things, and I believe that it is easy for us trainers for take for granted the dedication it takes to just show up in the first place. So thank you for your consistency. For making it look… you thought I was gonna say easy, but that definitely isn’t it. For making it look… like a lifestyle worth living.



As a final note, I wanted to tell all of you about what happened when we ran a report for all the athletes who came to 150+ classes. Over 70 athletes were on that list. I can only imagine the number of inner monologues we all had arguing over weather or not to go to the gym. And you know what, I believe we won the majority. Now, keep moving. Get in here, and get after it! High five the first person you see, and feed off the energy. Then pass it along.

Thank you for showing up! Now keep your chest up, and knees tracked over your toes.;)