Final Open Prep 12.3


Final Open Prep 12.3

Last chance to practice process goal setting in a workout. 

WOD- Amrap in 18 Minutes

15 Box Jumps

12 Push Press

9 Toes 2 Bar


As a warm up we will do one complete round at a 70% pace. From the time of that round we will set each process goal for the whole workout. Or in other words, time out each round so we know how we will achieve our outcome goal. Here is a hypothetical template for an athlete.

Warm up round time = 1:46

Round 1 finished before 2:00

Round 2 finished before 4:00

Round 3 finished before 6:10

Round 4 finished before 8:20

Round 5 finished before 10:40

Round 6 finished before 13:00

Round 7 finished before 15:20

Finish with intensity.

This athlete knows that it is possible to 8+ rounds, but even more importantly knows exactly how they will get 7 rounds. Build upon success and stay ahead of your clock. And if their is a side to err on it is a slow pace clock. Bad things happen when you get behind it.