Slow is Smooth, and Smooth is Fast.


Slow is Smooth, and Smooth is Fast.

Large sets of burpees take a longer than small sets of burpees. Did you know that 😉

For today’s workout we have a sum total of burpees that is relatively large. So making sure that we can move through the entire workout efficiently will be important. Fast.

Another important component of the burpee is making sure that we can move to our feet with proper mechanics to ensure our safety. Smooth.

If you have seen a burpee ninja before click here. Relative to this guy it’s ok to admit that we may not have the fastest burpee in the world for a time domain of 7 minutes. So it is imperative that we move at OUR speed. Slow.

Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast!

I want us to have as much capacity across as many time domains for our burpees. That means that sometimes we may have to slow down our burpee to move fast. And sometimes we’ll have to move fast to move fast. Please, work with me on the captain obvious comments.

WOD- For Time