Sunday Funday


Sunday Funday

A great CrossFit Movement and Mobility Course yesterday at the gym. Dr. Roop and Dr. Dianna helped us all out and in turn we can’t wait to share the good stuff with you guys. While bands and voodoo floss were covered, it is important to know that the main focus was motor control(movement). I want to thank you all for your understanding when we as trainers slow everything down, and spend large portions of class dialing in our movement. Can we all still improve our midline stability? Of course, but please know that I’m proud of the progress we all have been making together. This weekend was good affirmation that what we do┬átakes time. I look forward to seeing you in the gym today, and please, ask us any question you have. We’re here to help. And again thank you Coach Dianna for setting this up.

WOD- 3 rounds for time

15 Hand Power Cleans

15 Burpees