Today we have a fun intro to having a skill that has been taken out of our daily lives: the forward roll. However, the pistol and push are still seen daily in our routines. The goal for our workout is to create an adaptation to our vestibular system, but in no way are we trying to overdo it and get the spins like some may have gotten on new years. No barfing.

Looking forward, get ready for Fran on Monday. We are going to spend a specific amount of time in class talking about how we can prep for Fran over the weekend. Wheather it’s mobility, strategy, or just coming to terms with the fact that we all are going to do thrusters and pull ups… Get Ready!

We can make 2015 the best years of our lives. Focus on what you have influence over.


WOD- AMRAP in 8 Min

8 Alt. Pistols

4 Forward Rolls

8 Push Ups