Test, then practice.


Test, then practice.

Today we have a conditioning test for our 2K on the erg. I personally believe this to be mentally the most challenging of our more common tests, and look forward to seeing you all work harder than you thought you were going to. There should definitely be some skill work on controlling our pain face around the 1250m mark. Since this will not take the entire class it give us our classic opportunity to also practice some skill work. Today I would love for us all to practice handstands, and if appropriate freestanding handstands. As many of have experienced, the use of a partner to spot and apply support when necessary can put us in to positions that we could not achieve yet alone. So grab a buddy, and accumulate some time upside down. I’d love to see some max time attempts where we are┬ádone when we loose our midline.

Conditioning Test- 2k row


Practice- Handstands (5 timed attempts)