Pick yourself up, correctly.


Pick yourself up, correctly.


So the obvious task here is to move quickly. And our best shot at achieving this is to realize that safety and efficiency really are one in the same. If you want to move fast, and keep moving fast over a period of loading you better believe the individual who moves with better mechanics will be better set up to succeed. So, today we will only be working for 15s, and my goal is make sure that you can stay happy. Instead of going into the 30s range, where we may see some breakdown, I expect to see appropriate effort into moving well for the entire 15s. We will talk about threshold training, and continue to experience it, but today we get to practice training consistent mechanics at a high intensity. Also, this applies to the burpee as well as the deadlift. Even the burpee can be made beautiful.

20 rounds

15s ON/45s OFF Alternating