Exercise and demos


Exercise and demos


Go to this link, and type in Muscle Ups in the search bar found at the middle of the page.

Thought about it… Now click it again.

Seriously. Hit the link!

For todays workout we will going over progressions yes, but it’s time we take the knowledge and really start applying it to our training. We have a couple different options for your WOD, and each is completely scalable to the individual. Please leave your ego at the door, have a fun time on the rings, and enjoy the benefits of the training session. Then have a great weekend!

FOCUS- Muscle up



Option A: Amrap in 10 Minutes:

– Accumulate 30 seconds of False Grip

-Accumulate 30 Seconds of ring Support

-5 Transitions with Bands

Option B: For Time:

-30 Ring Rows

-30 Ring Dips

-30 Transitions

Option C: For Time:

30 Muscle Ups