Ring Dips


Ring Dips

Very few people are exposed to rings before coming to the gym and see them hanging around. Because of their scarcity it seems improbable that learning new skills on them is even an option. On a day where we do have them applied to our training we have to be open to listening to our trainers advice and trying progressions that have been made for everyone. If you have never touched the rings, then the first step in the progression is just getting your hands on them. Win! Anything extra is icing on the cake. For today’s workout we have to be humble to the fact that in a 20 min amrap we will likely find ourselves hit some sort of fatigued state where we might think about cutting corners. So when we are practicing proper ring dips, endeavor to apply those same mechanics 15 min into the workout.

Amrap in 20 Min

Row 500m

15 KBS

9 Ring Dips


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