Hello Everyone,

This will be our first workout posted on the website. I look forward to seeing how this changes the dynamic of our training, and appreciate everyone being open to having the workouts unknown for these first six months. Remember that the programming is important, but getting together with friends and working harder than you expected to is what really makes the difference. The workouts will be posted at 5pm the day prior to it being written up on the whiteboard, and yes you now have the opportunity to cherry pick. We will talk about this in class, and make sure we make educated decisions with the knowledge of the workout prior to coming in. We also have a new workout tracking system that we are testing in Zen Planner. As much as I love pen and paper I guess we can save some trees and see our improvements at the same time. Enjoy the workout 🙂

Focus- Snatch 7×1

WOD- “Isabel” @ 50% heaviest lift

Fun- Max Height Box Jump

*please note there is some profanity in this video… so maybe mute it for the kiddos.