Break out the Sleds


Break out the Sleds



Some of us were lucky enough to team up and push the sled for a mile last saturday. Today we are going to break out the sleds again with a different time domain. The 40m sled push is going to be someone’s first sled push so I’m excited to go over it with everyone before we start the workout. One thing that is very apparent once you get connected to the sled is that how fast you move will determine how fast the sled moves. Again, how fast you move through space rather than how much you push on the sled itself. For our push ups we have larger set in the workout today, and for scaling lets go into the gym with a mindset that it’s ok to choose a number that may take 2-3 sets to finish in the middle rounds.

WOD- AMRAP in 15min

20 Push Ups

30 Double Unders

40m Sled Push

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    1. nick

      The dude crushed 20 push ups 8 times in a row. That’s how I feel about his elbows and hands ;). He lost some virtuosity by going so fast, but thats natural. He’ll be ok.