It has been a great week with plenty of new skills being dialed in, and to celebrate we are going to go out with a bang. For the first half hour we are just going to move, and once we find ourselves plenty warm we’ll prep for a 1 rep thruster. If it suits you this can be taken from the ground, or the rack. Either way we will have the opportunity to go heavy.

As we have done in our past couple lifting sessions all our lifts will be completed while having a trainer present. The reasoning behind this is so that you can get the feedback you deserve. All athletes should be ready to lift once it is their turn, so please stay aware during the entire lifting session.

Warm Up- 30 min of AD, Run, Row, Single unders, Step ups, lunges etc. (we will have it set up for you)

Strength- 1 Rep Thruster (5 heavy attempts)