Developing our Squat


Developing our Squat


First things first! You need to check out this article. It is a simple, thorough breakdown of the squat.

Second, you need to come in tomorrow and work on your squat.

Third, read this breakdown of the push up.

And finally you need to come in, and work on your pushups tomorrow.

As we saw in the video of greg amundson last week it is possible to move very fast during a push up and squat. And the only way you can set yourself up to do this is to break down the movements and have a day truly focusing on the fundamentals. So tomorrow is for quality. And to wrap it up we’ll have some fun on the bars. Maybe even go for a max effort for pull ups.

Wod- For Quality:


Air Squats

Push Ups

Practice- Pull ups (objectives will be provided during class)