Franniversary Recap


Franniversary Recap

The day before traveling to Oakdale, some of us had to have been questioning the trip. First of all, why Oakdale, and second why am I even doing this? For those of us that made it to Saturday afternoon the answer was very clear: Experience! To experience the whirlwind of the start, the humbling truth of the test, and the high of the finish. All glued together by a community that was there for one another each and every second of the day.

The event itself was run incredibly! An atmosphere that never got to crazy, and never dulled down. A set list of workouts that challenged every single person who stepped in. And a group of people that showcased how much they care for the athletes that come into their doors. All of our memories would not be possible without the hard work of the CrossFit Oakdale crew that put on this event.

The stories are available from those who experienced them. Please ask! Ask Jen if she saw someone she didn’t expect to see, and Paul about how he felt going into the second workout. Ask Brian and Barbara how competing together after two days of practice worked out. See if Christina and Jolena would ever compete together again. Ask Christian how his legs are feeling, and Dustin about his 27th rep during Fran. Find out if Megan got her first handstand push up, and how the push ups went for Nick. And finally, ask Dave and Keith what award they won, and what prompted every judge and staff member to vote for them.

CrossFit Sav-Up expressed their fitness through movement and kindness. They represented everyone in this gym by being themselves and doing what they do everyday: working harder than they thought they could, and introducing themselves to the new members of the community.  If you are in Oakdale you have friends, true friends. They took us in, fed us, shared stories, and made sure our cups were always full. You can bet were going back next year.

First of all, why not Oakdale?

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  1. nick stanely

    Sweet blog post! That “experience” sounds like something I need to taste myself, count me in next time.